Be the Big Picture Online: "A Moment in Time"

Have your camera ready this Sunday around 11 a.m.  Whatever you're doing, take a picture and be a part of a worldwide project.

A photography blog for the New York Times wants to get the big picture.  The editors of "Lens" are launching a project called "A Moment in Time".  They want everyone around the world to capture one exact moment.  They're basing it off Greenwich Mean Time.

Here on the East Coast, the "moment" will be at 11 a.m.  On the West Coast, it will be 8 a.m. and so on.  The picture can be whatever you want, obviously within reason (no inappropriate photos).  Then head to this website to upload your photo.

The editors of Lens will gather all the pictures to create a global mosaic.  You'll be able to see it when it's finished.

Click here to see the Facebook group made up for it.

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