Batavia Shoe Manufacturer To Stay Open

Five dozen workers get to keep their jobs in Batavia. The historic shoe company, P.W. Minor was set to close last Friday.

"We're used to deadlines, not a closing date," said Faith Francis. 

Forcing people like Francis, who has worked there for more than a decade, out of a job.   

Andrew Young and Peter Zeliff are two Batavia based businessmen who couldn't let that happen.

"This place closing was a bad thing for Batavia," said Young.

While other companies send factory work overseas, Young and Zeliff want to do just the opposite.

"Made in the USA is really important and I believe it's coming back and we would like to be apart of it," added Young.  "Fifty-five people who are going to be working here and continue to work here and the more we're going to hire. It's going to make a difference." 

A difference for people like Faith Francis, who is the only member of her family with a job.  

"Just thankful for them for doing it, for being willing to step up and buy the place and keep it going and saving all of our jobs. They could have gotten rid of us and started with new people," said Francis. 

The soul of this 150 year old factory will live on, and the workers putting together these shoes will continue to call P.W. Minor home.

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