Basketball Stars Battle Bullying

Former professional and college basketball players, all from the Rochester area, played in a celebrity game Monday night for a good cause.

Many of them have faced adversity, and hoped their stories would inspire the students who came to Bishop Kearney High School to watch the game.

The goal was to motivate the kids to reach their dreams, and stay away from negativity.

Organizers told students to take the negative words they may hear from bullies and use them as fuel to reach their goals.

They say their personal stories will help the message hit home, "Some of these guys that's going to participate in this basketball game have been through adversity," said Organizer Marlin Johnson, "whether it was losing a parent, trouble with school, trouble just in the neighborhood, just personal problems that they overcame to be where they are today."

This was the first time the celebrity game was held at Bishop Kearney High School.

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