Bakery Helps Celiac's Stay Fit

It's estimated that one in every 100 people in the U.S. has celiac disease.

For them, finding wheat-free food can be a challenge.

One business woman is offering options with her Rochester bakery.

You could say baking was always part of Donna Bruno's destiny.

She said "I sell everything from bread and rolls to wedding cakes...Brownies, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, it's a full line."

Donna started her own shop just over 2 years ago, in this industrial building off Mount Hope Avenue in Rochester.

Her father used to run a restaurant supply business here.

When he retired she looked for a way to use the space.

She decided to take her love of cake decoration to the next level with the encouragement of her friend.

Heidi Hadzima has celiac disease, and had a hard time finding wheat-free foods that tasted good.

She added "When Donna started doing me favors and baking me food (which I really didn't need but was really delicious), I was like 'You gotta do this, there's nobody out here baking anything yummy.'"

Donna uses a blend of different flours to simulate the taste of your favorite treats.

"We're really careful with our ingredients," Donna added. "We check everything before we use it, we talk to the manufacturer before we use it."

Heidi says those strict standards are important for celiac's to follow.

Eating just the smallest amount of wheat can make someone with the disease very sick.

Heidi added "There's something really great about having people in your neighborhood doing things for the community they live in. And I think Donna's bakery is just fantastic, so I'm glad she's here."

You can find Donna Marie's Gluten-Free Bakery Products at the Pittsford and Brockport Wegmans stores.

Her products are also available at Rochester's La tea da Tea room & Parlour and Starry Nites Cafe, as well as Fairport's Red Bird Market.

She's having a food tasting at the Pittsford Wegmans on July 18 from 11:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

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