Back To The Polls For West Irondequoit

- West Irondequoit taxpayers will be asked to go back to the polls and consider the exact same school budget they rejected on Tuesday.

"I don't know how you can get all the things done we need to get done without adding to the budget, though I would prefer not to, I just think it's important," 35 year Irondequoit resident Sue Letarte said.

Some residents say property taxes are already emptying their pockets and they can't afford to pay more. Superintendent Jeff Crane says the district can't continue to provide quality service without their support.

"The outside variables have now come home to roost and we have no further strategies other than the taxpayer supporting us at a higher level or major catastrophic programatic cuts that will harm kids and education in this town," Crane said.

The proposed 3.9% property tax increase needs 60% voter approval. It fell 118 votes short on Tuesday.

"7-0 vote by the board of education, our team of eight, decided that yes this was exactly the budget that we need to fulfill the moral imperative of education in this community," Crane said.

The same budget will be offered up for another vote next month.

"I don't think anyone wants to pay anymore but the kids are a good investment," Letarte said. "How are we going to go forward if we don't have a good education?"

Taxpayers will vote on the budget again on June 17th. If it doesn't get the 60% majority it needs to pass, Superintendent Crane said they will make cuts.

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