Back to School Shopping

Another Labor Day holiday is in the books.  That means students will be hitting the books.  This is back to school week.  It can be a stressful for families, especially if you're running out for school supplies at the last minute.  

It can be a daunting task.  

"I needed like folders, notebooks, colored pencils, markers and pens and stuff like that," said Nathaniel Woodhams, Fairport.

The list is long and patience can be short.  Parents comb through coupons looking for the best deals for back to school supplies, weighing need versus want.

"Try to balance that out a little bit.  Stuck to the school list, which was crazy enough as it was.  Um, and then let my daughter pick out the backpack she wanted.  But shopped around for the sale on that as well," said Sarah Wake, Penfield.

Some stores are even getting smart about taking the stress off of parents by supplying the school supply list right in the aisle.  

Something that's helpful for parents like Mark Gibbs of Penfield.  He's got one child in elementary school.  The other in high school.  Finding a bargain is important.

"Driving back and forth could cost money as well.  So, what we do is we go to the stores we're familiar with and probably hit one or two stores during the whole season," said Mark Gibbs, Penfield.

In addition to school supplies, it is tradition in many homes to be treated to a first day of school outfit too.

"I tried going with her yesterday in Watertown and that was crazy.  So, I kind of took a pause with that.  We got her one or two outfits.  And that was it," said Wake.

Rather than stress it, one Fairport fourth grader had perhaps the best advice.

"I want summer to last forever," said Ray Woodhams, Fairport.

But it's back to reality.  For some as early as Tuesday morning.

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