Avon Flooding

- The Rain Seems to have let up for today, but not before wreaking havoc in Avon. Intense rain, flooded streets, and a collapsed road. That was the talk all across the village. Rain pummeled down, showing its force after a creek in Avon overflowed and a section of North Littleville Road collapsed, trapping Chris Conine's daughter inside her home. Chris Conine- Daughter trapped in home"The roads washed out on the north side because of a big creek there, and the roads washed out here. My daughter lives in between the two, so she is on an island now. Haha."Conine says his daughter set out to go to work this morning, before turning around due to road conditions. She pulled in her driveway and heard a loud noise. She looked over only to see the road collapsed. The road she had *just* ridden over. Chris Conine"So what are are you going to do now?" "I'm going to see if I can get to her through neighbors backyard so."Conine would have to cut through Kelley O'Donohugh's backyard. She also felt mother nature's wrath after today's rains.Kelley O'Donoghue"It's a mess. The yard, there is debris everywhere."Me asking a question with Kelley answering"How are you going to clean it up?" "Haha. That's an excellent question. I dont know. The town will help clear pavement and that kind of stuff away. Family, friends i suppose. Homeowners insurance."Just a few hours of rain will now mean weeks of clean up.

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