Attorneys Make Opening Statements in Clayton Whittemore Trial

- District Attorney Sandra Doorley presented to jurors the picture of a brutal murder that unfolded on the College at Brockport Campus just one month into the school year in September 2012.  Doorley told jurors Alex Kogut's boyfriend, Clayton Whittemore met up with her after a party and the two argued.  Doorley then began to methodically describe a night of horror where Doorley said Whittemore beat Kogut with his fists, and a travel mug so hard the mug shattered.  Doorley said  Whittemore then stabbed Alex repeatedly with pencils and pens.  The medical examaminer later found parts of those pens and pencils during Kogut's autopsy.  Doorley said the final straw was a beating by a clothing iron until Kogut stopped breathing, ""This is every parent's nightmare.  She was a beautiful 18 year old college student who has her whole life ahead of her.  And she goes off to college and she's not there four weeks and this happens to her."

Whittemore's defense attorney, Mark Curley did not speak to the media.  He told jurors Clayton Whittemore is guilty of killing Alex Kogut and that he never denied the brutal killing but curley asked jurors to consider a charge of manslaughter instead of murder. Testimony gets underway in the morning.

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