Cuomo broke his six-day silence today during a stop in Buffalo. The controversy involves the Moreland Commission, a 25-member panel the governor set up last year to investigate corruption.But Cuomo abruptly shut down the commission earlier this year.The New York Times reported his office tried to control the panel and tried to stop probes that could damage the governor and the governor's supporters.Today Cuomo said the panel was only created to get an ethics reform bill passed - critics called it a weak bill.Meanwhile, Cuomo's Republican opponent was in Rochester today criticizing Cuomo's handling of Moreland. "When you look at the facts, this Moreland Commission, performed exactly the function they were supposed to perform. We passed a law that has brought historic reform to the state, more transparency, more disclosure than ever before.""Andrew Cuomo four years ago said that he was going to clean up the cesspool of corruption in Albany. We now know that he took a deep dive and is swimming in it, and in fact he is very much a part of the corruption in Albany and it starts with him."A federal prosecutor has now picked up the Moreland Commission Investigations.The prosecutor is also looking into how the commission was disbanded by the governor.Astorino also wants a state prosecutor to be appointed.

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