Assault Weapon Deadline

The West Webster ambush played a key role in the passing of the New York SAFE Act. Tuesday marks an important deadline for local gun owners.

It's decision day for owners of assault weapons in New York. Register those firearms or potentially face a felony charge.

"I think most people are going to not know they had to register them but I do believe not a lot of people are registering. Nobody wants to be on that list. Nobody wants to tell them what they have and where," said Fred Calcagno, Owner of American Sportsman.

Calcagno says lot of his customers are modifying their rifles so they don't have to be registered.

"They are very simple some of the things. This is a rifle that has none of the offending features. It had a pistol saw, I just took it off, and put a short grip on it which is not a pistol grip. Now, this rifle would not have to be registered," said Calcagno.

Calcagno says registering your gun has become a last resort for many assault rifle owners. Most believe registration leads to confiscation.

"Some of it is cosmetic. Some of it is appearance and some of it is just a general prejudice of something black. That's a fact. The black rifle has always been ugly," said Calcagno.

For those who unknowingly miss the deadline, they will have a 30 day grace period to register.

You can register an assault weapon with state police by mail or online.

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