WWII Letters Gain Following

Jenny Lasala published a book of letters her father wrote during World War II to her mother. It's called "Comes A Soldier's Whisper."

The letters by David Clinton Tharp detail his time serving in Europe. He was wounded in Holland. An excerpt from one letter said, "When I came to my senses, I thought my leg was gone. That's a terrible feeling. I think a million things must have flashed through my head at once. I probably shouldn't have told you this...the same shell killed two and wounded five. I guess it was quite a mess, not as bad as some I've seen though. Well, enough about that."

The book was published a year ago, but is gaining a new following through a Facebook Page. Lasala posts excerpts from the letters and other things about the war.

Proceeds from the book support Operation First Response, which helps service members transition to civilian life.

Watch an interview with Lasala by clicking the video above.

Comes A Soldier's Whisper Facebook Page

Comes A Soldier's Whisper Website

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