Rochester Mans Makes Seinfeld Lego Set

The Rochester man who gained international fame for his Lego set of "Downton Abbey" has turned his talents to a new TV show.

Eric Stevens made a "Seinfeld" set to coincide with the show's 25th anniversary.

He designed the set on his computer and spent hours scouring the Internet for the Lego parts. He found the blue kitchen cabinets from a German retailer. Unfortunately, he could not find Lego versions of Jerry's cereal to fit in the blue cabinets.

"It took me five hours at the computer to design. It was surprisingly fast to put together, maybe an hour and a half, two hours," said Stevens. "The longest thing, I think with a lot of Lego projects simply how long it takes to buy the pieces and it takes a long time."

Stevens realizes he's not the first one to make a Lego "Seinfeld" set. But he thinks his is the best. He says he has a new set coming out in September.

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