Richards Still Out, But Doesn't Repudiate Grassroots Effort

Rochester Mayor Tom Richards has not changed his mind campaigning for reelection, despite a grassroots effort led by the Independence Party and a cadre of Democrats who support him. Richards says he did not authorize that campaign.

Richards dropped out of the race after losing the Democratic primary to Lovely Warren. Richards still appears on the Independence and Working Families party lines in November. He maintained when he dropped out he will not campaign and he supports Warren for mayor. He reiterated that stance today.

But Richards did not renounce the unauthorized campaign, as Warren's supports hoped. Nor did he tell people not to vote for him. He said he can't control what the political activists and voters do.

Unfortunately, you want a yes or no answer to that, but yes or no isn't going to be possible. And here's why. If I got the most votes and I declined to serve as mayor, that doesn't mean the person who came in second becomes mayor. What that means is we get into a process here, if I was to decline if elected, we would go with someone for as long as nine months with someone who is interim mayor and we'd have another election in the fall, basically a special election," Richards said. 

Richards said, however, he believes Warren will be the next mayor.

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