Richards Campaign Organizing

Many city residents received flyers from Turn Out for Tom over the weekend. Lawn signs popped up around town. This is part of a grassroots effort to get Tom Richards reelected mayor.

The unauthorized campaign took off last week. Richards reaffirmed he dropped out of the race and his endorsement of Lovely Warren, to whom he lost the Democratic primary. But he did not say he would refuse to serve if elected, nor did he repudiate the rogue campaign. That gave his friends and supporters the drive to continue.

"No one went to Tom in this movement," said Tom Cray, spokesman for Turn Out for Tom. "It's just an electorate that's energized. They believe he's been a good mayor and they want to see him continue as mayor."

Richards did not answer last week when asked if he would serve as mayor if elected.

"It's my belief knowing Tom that he won't leave the city in the lurch, that in fact if he garners the votes he'll continue to serve," said Cray.

It's not clear where the campaign is getting its funding or how much funding is on hand. The Independence Party is spearheading the campaign, but it has not made the required disclosure reports with the board of elections.

Meanwhile, Warren has raised more than $100,000 in just a few weeks.  

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