Johnson Says Richards Sent Mixed Message

Former Mayor Bill Johnson, who has been advising Lovely Warren, says he is disappointed in Tom Richards' statement on the mayoral race. 

"He's sending a very mixed message here. And I think it's very very distressing for this community," Johnson said. "We've already had the primary election and Lovely Warren won very convincingly in the primary. To now come back two weeks before the election and send this very mixed, confusing and ambiguous message to the voters is a recipe for the worst kind of catastophe and this will divide the community in ways that is totally unnecessary."

Johnson wishes Richards would have thoroughly repudiated the grassroots effort to resurrect Richards' campaign. Johnson lost against Richards in the 2011 special election.

"I wanted him to say,  'Do not vote for me. That's all he has to say to the voters of this community...please do not waste your votes for me,'" Johnson said. "This mush-mouth response that's he given is very unlike Tom Richards."

Johnson called the grassroots effort "duplicitous" and a "conspiracy."

"It's one of the weirdest situations I've ever experienced," he said.

Watch our interview with Johnson on News 8 First at 4 by clicking the video above.

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