Alex White Looking to November

Green Party candidate for mayor Alex White is glad the Democratic primary is over. He looks forward to debating issues with the winner of that contest, Lovely Warren. 

White said she ran a better campaign than Mayor Tom Richards. 

"I was less surprised than many. I believe if you're going to win an election you go out and meet people, shake hands. Lovely was doing that. Tom was not," said White.

White has run on a third party line before. He ran in the 2011 special election and got 9 percent of the vote. He ran against Richards, who might continue his campaign on the Working Families and Independence Party lines.

"I think whatever Tom Richards decides to do, he needs to decide soon, because we need to start talking about the issues that are important to our community, many of which were overlooked during the primary," White said.

White hopes the community embraces his candidacy.

"Voters came out and said we want a change. Lovely Warren and Tom Richards - Lovely was the change. I think I'm offering more, better, different, more fleshed-out, better ideas. I think it's going to resonate with people."

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