Arlene Brown - Caregiving Ministry

Twenty years ago, at the Zion Hill Baptist Church, Bernerdene Jones taught Arlene Brown the beauty of ministry. Little did she know, all these years later, Arlene would repay her in the most of personal of ways. Five days a week, in an act of caregiving and friendship, Arlene visits Mother Jones at her home in Rochester.

"She taught me how to pray," says Arlene. "Mother taught me how to do hospital visits, and when you go you don't burden the people, and one lesson I learned, give something that means something to you."

"There was a lot of things I wasn't able to do for myself when Arlene came that I'm able to do now," says Mother Jones. "And I know it's because of her help, her encouragement, and her love."

Mother Jones first began having serious health problems five years ago. Five months ago, Arlene began the daily visits, to help mother live as comfortably as possible in her own home.

She performs light housekeeping, and massages Mother Jones arthritic hands. Together, they talk, and laugh, and pray.

"I'm excited about it, and I'm thankful for her in my life," says Mother Jones. "She's been good to me." Mother Jones has been a teacher to many throughout her life. Thanks to Arlene Brown, the gifts she gave so freely to so many, are being returned to her tenfold.

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