April Fools Day: Cool Pranks Online

 It's April 1st, a big day for pranks in the newsroom.  Here are some of the best pranks we found online this year.

George Eastman House is known for its extensive collection of photography and motion pictures.  And according to today's blog post. , they've found the perfect place to store it all: outer space!  They're even changing their name to George Eastman House Intergalactic (from international) Museum of Photography and Film.  April Fools!

Keeping with Kodak, the company's come up with a new way to experience your pictures.  Aromatography or pictures that capture smell.   Try flowers, or cookies or a baby's diaper.  It's a special imaging called Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense imaging or NONSense imaging for short.  April Fools!

It's no longer Google, it's Topeka!   A name switch in the Kansas city's bid for the Google fiber network experiment.  I guess we'll have to change our lingo.  Let's Topeka that!

YouTube's got a way to watch videos that saves money, Gmail's lost all its vowels.

Check out this link for a longer list of online pranks. 

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