Another Change Coming to School Lunchrooms

- Say goodbye to cheetos, chocolate bars and cupcakes for New York students come fall.  The 2010 healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is back in the spotlight.  This time, the federal law is cracking down on snacks, including ones sold for bake sales and fundraisers.

Laurel Heiden, a Spokesperson for the Greece Central School District, said, "Whether that's in a cafeteria, or a school run book store, or a cafe, or even a fundraiser during the school day what you can purchase as snacks is going to look a little different when kids come back in the fall."  Laurel  says the new phase, which passed in july, is another step to end childhood obesity, " "By offering snacks that we know to be within specific caloric guidelines and fat content, sugars,we know whatever they choose, it's going to be a healthy option."

Heiden says New York state is ahead of the curve.  Fryers were taken out of the cafeteria 10 years ago.  Individual states can create exemptions to the new snack rules but Heiden says you won't see that here, "You won't see ice cream available for purchase anymore during the school day but you will have choices like baked chips. They are exploring a whole grain rich cookie that they may be able to sell."

The guidelines for snacks only apply during school hours.  To be exact, midnight until 30 minutes after the school day ends.  So, if you go to that basketball or football game at 7 pm, you can still enjoy a hot dog, popcorn and even pizza.  Principals will be responsible for carrying out this new standards. the USDA will spot check different schools throughout the year to make sure they are following the rules.

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