American Idol Changes Its Tune on Social Media

 One of the best things about Twitter is getting to know what goes on inside celebrities' heads.  That's what American Idol wanted to let its fans in on.  But now the show is changing its tune.

It was a first for American Idol.  This year, contestants had their own Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts.  The thought was contestants and fans could have a closer relationship online.  But American Idol pulled the plug on the experiment this week.

The show didn't give a specific reason why and it has many guessing.  Most think it's because individual fan pages give away a singer's popularity.  The thought is the more fans or followers he or she has, the more likely they'll make the cut.  That takes the drama and suspense out of the results show and that's not something American Idol wants.

All the contestants are still tweeting and updating, albeit through one centralized page.  The criticism here - the updates seem all little too squeaky clean.  The most recent ones all just say "Thank You" in so many words and they're all posted minutes apart, leaving Idol fans wanting more.

Click here for the group Facebook page and here for the group Twitter page.

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