Alex White: Warren Won't Debate

- Several televised debates were planned, but democratic mayoral candidate Lovely Warren has declined. Her opponent, Green Party candidate Alex White is questioning the decision.

When Alex White gets an invitation he takes it, especially if it is a debate.

"Last week I found out that all of them were calling me to cancel because Lovely Warren planned not to attend," he said.

Warren was unavailable for comment on camera, but spoke to News 8 by phone. She said she has already debated White before the primary and her calendar is filled with meetings.

"There were a couple of televised debates before the primary which I was not a part of because there were supposed to be debates after the primary. So what she has done is shut out the access to the public," White said.

A member of the Green Party has posted a petition on calling for Warren to attend a debate. White says it did not come from his campaign. Warren says she will participate in several open forums.

"The big difference between a community forum and a televised debate is you have less control over the audience and the response," White said.

White would like to challenge Warren on things like mayoral control of schools, LGBT issues and business tax breaks. Warrens says she is getting her message out there in other ways like knocking on doors. White does not think that is enough.

"The real loser in this is not so much me, but the public," White said.

There are several forums happening this month, including one hosted by the Center for Disability Rights on October 17th at 6 p.m. at the Edgerton Community Center.

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