Al and Sharon Henry - Mill Landing

Mill Landing in Greece may look quiet on the outside, but the people who live here are all heart and soul. The clubhouse was packed the day we visited. Neighbors turned out to cheer on Al and Sharon Henry. They were nominated for a Golden Giver Award by 90 year old Doris Smith.

"I was taken seriously ill at 3:30 in the morning and I knew I was going to pass out," says Doris. "So I called my neighbors and they drove me to the hospital. I got there faster with Al's driving, than an ambulance!"

When Al Henry retired from Kodak, he took up woodworking. Now he's become a Mr. Fix-It for folks who need his help. Sharon Henry is a retired nurse.

"They may forget to ask their doctor and if I can help them I do, and if not, I refer them back, so whatever I can do," says Sharon. "We watch out for each other. It's a wonderful place."

"They have little jobs around the house, from hanging pictures to repairing chairs," says Al. "I make spiceracks, dividers for their silver ware drawers, anything that can make their lives easier. I love to help them out."

"To me they're the Spirit of Christmas, but all year long," says Doris.

At Mill Landing, the season of giving isn't limited to December. Al and Sharon Henry make sure of it.

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