AAA: Summer Deadly for Teen Drivers

News 8/FOX Rochester is asking viewers to keep your family safe by not texting and driving.

It turn out that summer is the most dangerous time of the year on the road, especially for young drivers.

According to AAA, July and August are the two deadliest months for teen drivers.

19 year-old Prince Flaco said he's aware what he does is dangerous.

"In what respect do you think you are a distracted driver sometimes?" asked Caroline Tucker, reporter.

"My iPhone. Whenever I am in a deep conversation, texting people, or messing with my music," said Prince Flaco, a driver.

Sue Thoen is a mother of four and says she too gets distracted while driving, she said she sometimes reaches in the backseat to grab something for her kids.

"The kids always need something," said Sue Thoen, a driver.

AAA said any distraction behind the wheel is a problem.

"You take your eyes off the road for about 3-seconds and your chances of getting into an accident go up about 24 times," said Steve Van Vliet, AAA Driving Programs Supervisor.

AAA says 40-percent of all accidents happen because people don't pay attention.

They report that each year in the United States, more than one hundred 16 and 17-year olds die in car wrecks each summer.

It's illegal in New York state to text or use your cell phone when driving. There's a push to make that the law everywhere.

"When you text you take your eyes off the road and their is national legislation that encourages the state to ban it and then gives states some dollars to enforce it," said Senator Chuck Schumer, (D) New York.

Drivers say they get the message. Paying a fine is one thing, being in a crash is another.

"Have a designated texter," said Flaco.

"If you think of safety of yourself and your family, that should outweigh answering that phone call or answering that text," said Thoen.

AAA also has a parent-teen driving agreement that they can complete together to help set up some driving rules.

For a copy or more information you can find it online here.

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