A Very Special 102nd Birthday

- Most people come to Von Maur to shop. But Tom Jameson takes the love of his life, Helen Volpe here for a different reason. They come to dance, and attract a crowd.
"I'll come again just to see them dance they re wonderful," on-looker Maria Humpfrey says.
April 10th... gives the two lovebirds yet another reason to embrace, it's Helen's 102nd birthday. A lot of people have seen Helen and Tom dance at Von Maur, but most people don't know Helen has a past that runs deep.
Helen's first love is flying, she got her pilot's license during WWII, in 1943.
"Getting in the plane and taking off and going up for hours and hours before coming down," Helen recalls the memories.
She had dreams of bring part of the WAFS, or Women in the Air force, but didn't qualify because she was too short.
Tom's been by her side for 39 years, he gently reminds her of moments she forgets, like the time she was hired by the White House to write up reports on U.S. planes that had gone down.
"But they took you from the airport to the White House where you met Franklin Delano Roosevelt and hid wife Eleanor to begin your time working in the Pentagon," Tom tells her.
And just two years before Amelia Earhart's plane disappeared on a trip around the world, Helen met her.. at a church bazaar in Clifton Springs.
"I enjoyed every second," Helen explains.
These days dancing keeps Helen physically and mentally active.
"How do you like this," Tom says to Helen as they're dancing.
"I love it," whispers Helen.
So if you see Tom and Helen lost in the moment at Eastview Mall, don't hesitate to say hello.
Helen is having a birthday party tonight- at the same place she met Amelia Earhart 79 years ago.

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