A Soldier Surprises His Son

Just days before Christmas, there's a Christmas wish for a kindergartener in Batavia.

It's not a bike or a video game...it's something that went away last year.

At Jackson Elementary, they always ring in the holidays with some tunes and faithful parents cheering the kindergarteners on.

But for one young man, Hasan Armstrong, he couldn't find anyone in the crowd on this special day. His Mom at work...his military Dad in Kuwait...but then his teacher came forward.

The five year ol got the Christmas wish he wanted, this Dad still dressed in fatigues, fresh from a year in kuwait with the New York National Guard.

Corporal Haven Armstrong says it's great to be home and finally see his boy.

"He's tall, he's big it's weird to see him before I leave you know we have Skype and things like that but you only can see so much do so much so it's good to be home"

Hasan's mother, Stephanie, says he is also excited to have Corporal Armstrong home.

"He's been a trooper, a real soldier and I am really happy to see him come back for him."

One surprise down, one more to go. Corporal Armstrong plans to surprise his two year old son Haven Junior before the day is up.

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