88 Year Old Man in Trouble For Removing Trees From His Property

- An 88 year old Irondequoit man is in hot water for chopping down 200 trees on his property.  The town says he broke the law when he did the work.  A spokesman for the town told me the problem is the land is part of an "environmental protection overlay district" or EPOD, and the town has to approve all projects. 

The land looks like after more than 100 trees were removed.  Al Gilbert inherited the land from his wife, and says he wanted to clean it up, and make it look nice.  Gilbert hopes to sell the plot, someday.  He says no one told him the land was part of an EPOD.  Gilbert says he found out when the town told him to stop taking down trees.  Now, he'll have to come up with a plan to undo the damage the town says was caused.

Gilbert said, "there weren't any environmental issues except the cottonwood trees. This should never have been an EPOD really.  I mean I think they'd want to save nice stands of trees but this was not a nice stand."

Gilbert says he could also face fines, but he's not sure how much they would be.  Neighbors in the area say they had mixed feelings about the removal of the trees.

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