5 MPH Restriction On Honeoye Lake

- Ontario County Sheriff Deputy John Peck took News 8 out on Honeoye Lake, while he patrolled the perimeter.
Monday's storm hit Honeoye hard... and lake levels have risen, six inches above normal.

Neighbors that live along the lake are dealing with flooding... and most of their boat docks are now under the water.
Peck says if you're going to be out on the lake- there's a five mile an hour restriction.

"The problem with the boats exceeding 5 mph limit is they create a wake that results in erosion on the shore or docks being washed away," Peck says.

With Saturday's nice weather, most people wanted to enjoy the water.... but not everyone knew about the restriction.
Peck's job is to give them a warning.

Sheriff's Deputies have been patrolling Honeoye Lake for the past few days picking up debris and logs from last weeks storm, they say the 5 mph boating ban still wont be lifted for at least a few more days.

As for boaters- it hasn't been that great of a summer.
Since Memorial Day their towns or villages have seen hit after hit.
They haven't been able to take advantage of their boats this year.

"That has happened this year we would've liked to go out more than what we have that's definitely true had times we wanted to go out and we just couldn't, " boat owner Cliff Van Camp says.

Peck says even after they lift the ban... he wants boaters
to pay attention, and watch out for any debris still in the lake.

If you want to see when the ban will be lifted, check the Ontario County Sheriff's Website: http://co.ontario.ny.us/index.aspx?nid=104

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