40,000 Fall Victim to Fake IKEA Gift Card Scam on Facebook

 Put the words free and IKEA together and what do you get?  Thousands of people unknowingly giving out personal information in a matter of hours.

We've seen this before.  A too good to be true deal that your friends are signing up for.  In this case, people on Facebook were becoming fans of the "Get a Free $1000 IKEA gift card" page.  This took off Friday.  People signed up at a rate of 5,000 new fans an hour.

They were told to get their card, they had to tell all their Facebook friends.  Then they gave away some basic personal information.  Not necessarily social security or bank account numbers but name, date of birth and phone numbers.  Then they had to sign up for Netflix or get a credit report.  If you did all that, don't wait by your mailbox.

Facebook says this is a bogus deal and your gift card will never show up.  There was another scam involving IKEA just last month and one for $500 to Whole Foods.  Shady marketers are using these popular brands to get you to drop your common sense.  Ask yourself - Can I really get $1,000 of free furniture just by clicking my mouse?

Click here for more information on the IKEA gift card scam.

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