11$ Dog Adoptions


11 dogs for 11 dollars each, that was the deal at the Verona Street Animal Shelter today.  The shelter currently has too many dogs, and it's hoping a big sale will help.

Employees say there's nothing wrong with the animals, they just have so many dogs right now, that there aren't enough cages on the adoption floor to display them all.

"These are animals that really need homes," attested Chris Fitzgerald of the Rochester Animal Services Dog Shelter.  "They're not the lesser option for getting a pet.  These animals have been screened by vets.  They've been spayed and neutered.  The dogs will be licensed and  they'll be vaccinated, so you're starting off on the right foot if you get a dog from an animal shelter."

Usually it costs around 163 dollars to adopt one of these dogs.

For more information on the Verona Street Animal Shelter, please visit: http://www.vsas.org/

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