100% of Rochester Teens in U of R Work Program Graduate High School

- 100% of Rochester city school district students taking part in a program at the University of Rochester graduate high school.  The 120 students all have jobs here at the University of Rochester medical center.  They work in 41 departments and the program's director says being employed motivates the teens to succeed at school.  The teens spent this afternoon crafting "I will be" statements.  Many of them want to go on to professional careers in the health field.  Eighty four percent of students go on to college or trade schools.  Students say the program has taught them to believe in themselves and work hard.  Edmund Andrews, a student in the program, said, "just do the work, if that involves staying up late night doing homework, studying all night do whatever it takes."   Suzanne Piotrowski, an MD and Director of the teen partnership program is proud of the students, "they're committed to their work and they want to work so they will go to tutoring they will attend classes and review sessions in order to do well at school."

Students must maintain a 2.5 gpa to keep their jobs.  No students have been suspended from work since the program was started in 2009.

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