Living Here: Evergreen Stables

Just a mile and a half outside the heart of the Village of Scottsville is Evergreen Stables. Right on the edge of town is a 20 acre horse farm that started back in 1994 and has grown bigger each year.


"The second year we were here we started lesson with the two horses we came here with. One of which is still here. then we finally built up enough money to build this barn here, and the stable next door. We have the first cover all stable in Monroe County," said Barbara Kiser, Owner of Evergreen Stables.


The indoor stable allows them to tech lessons in the winter.

With prime locations right on the edge of thee towns, the Kiser?s can teach many people.


There are 16 horses here on ever green stables, something owners say is rare for West of the river.


Something they looked into when choosing where to build their stable.



"On the West side there wasn't very many, so we decided to stick out here," said Kiser.

While the stable does not offer trail riders the owners say their lesson are for all ages.


"We start teaching at age seven and go all the way on up. I've had people as old at 60 riding in here," said Kiser.


Kiser says riding givers people the chance to let go.


"It's getting people out of the city environment, out of themselves, and into a larger view of life. When you are on a horse you can't just be in you own little world. You have to include the horse and its world," said Kiser.

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