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About Korey

     My husband and I first got into the pet store business 8 years ago when we bought a very old and financially struggling store called Al’s Pet shop in Greece NY. We spent several years transforming that store into a modern, clean and healthy pet store. We took over a second space in the same plaza and added a grooming salon as well as pet boarding/sitting. The experience was so great that we decided to do it again and purchased our second pet store in the market place mall. The previous owner had operated the store for 22 years and was looking to retire. By using the same business model and our dedication to the health of our animals we grew this existing pet store into a thriving business. Last year we decided to focus all out efforts onto just one store and closed AL’s Pet shop and sold the grooming salon. Now Allies Pet Corner (named after our beloved little Yorkie Allie) gets our full attention.

     I grew up in a household of pet lovers. My mother was a breeder specializing in Yorkies, Shap-peis, and Great Danes. She is an expert in the breeding world and taught be everything she knew about dogs, cats, reptiles, small animals and even chickens!! My husband has experience in the business world, can fix and build just about anything so together we have truly built something very special and we are very proud of our store and our great employees!!
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